The magazine engineering leaders in the UK’s energy networks have been waiting for has arrived…

We’re delighted announce the launch of Network, a much needed monthly resource, in print and online, for engineers in the UK’s gas, power and heat networks at a time of transformation and disruption across the nation’s energy system.

Network is a sister publication to the well-established and highly successful brand, Utility Week and will provide news, blogs and opinion on key developments in the energy networks landscape.

Championing innovation

Editorial content for Network has a strong focus on innovation, both incremental and disruptive. We aim to help companies disseminate the benefits being realised through their investment in pilot programmes, clarifying how these findings are being acted upon to change business as usual and, ultimately, customer experience. We also aim to highlight potential technological and competitive game changers emerging in and around the sector which could alter traditional approaches to operations and service delivery.

At the heart of Network lies the challenge and opportunity inherent in the integration of energy systems in the UK for smart, whole system optimisation.

What’s inside?

Network’s content will be split into three main segments, offering opportunities for network operators, technology partners, community energy leaders and other stakeholders to contribute-directly or via interviews and profile features-from a range of angles.


Dedicated to clarifying the key issues around the trends and debates shaping energy networks, this section will include profile interviews, quick fire Q&As, thought leadership columns and more opinion from industry experts.


This content segment will dive into the detail of demonstration projects and pilot schemes, exploring the aproaches they are taking, technically, organisationally and commercially, to solving the challenges of energy system transformation. Case, studies, site visit features and contributed features “From the field” will be included.


Looking to the future, this section will highlight research and development which could alter our understanding and expectations of energy systems in the future. This content will help to strengthen links between academia and industry, profiling university research as well as early technology readiness level developments from start-up organisations.

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